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GIG REVIEW: Bangalore Open Air

Violent Revolution. Like all revolutions, it began fearlessly and then hit a brick wall. Make that a concrete wall. An iron wall. An ironic heavy metal wall, if you will….


ARTICLE: Download Festival Review 2011

When I Got Downloaded (The Download Festival Experience) by Deepak Chennakkadan For people who don’t know what Download Festival is, refer to: When you are standing in between…


A Picture Says A Thousand Words – Indian Metal Music Timeline 2010

A glimpse into the events, releases which happened in the Indian metal scene in 2010

The Most Confidential Knowledge

It starts with a single repudiation of a single man, in a single fellowship of human souls (access denied). The ire(exploding anger) that hence takes over….gives a slit to all…

A Godly Tribute: Dimebag Darrell

The liking for anyone’s favorite musician can be verbally expressed or best done through a written script. But, it becomes almost impossible to do so when you lose a hero…

Scene Report – Thailand

Darkest greetings to all heathen readers who are laying eyeballs upon these pages! Here is Natthaphon Kamonsin, the editor of an abyss ground metal publication called Slava fanzine hailing from…

Black Sabbath Special

In the late 1960’s, the members of the metal juggernaut that was to be were all street kids in the grimy industrial city called Birmingham. Tony Iommi, guitarist and band…