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Band : Solar Deity Album: Devil Worship Genre: Black Metal Track List:  Raise the horns Supreme evil Through the hallways of narak Download “Solar Deity – Devil Worship”  


Band : Anup Sastry Album: Ghost Genre: Progressive Metal/Instrumental Track List:  Legend Limitless The Boss Level Wastelands Discovery Skywalk Ghost Reflex Crystal Download “Anup Sastry – Ghost” [ Name your…

DOWNLOAD: Fall Of Reason – Reflections

Band : Fall Of Reason Album: Reflections Genre: Progressive Metal Track List:  Intro Bronson Textament Ellora (ft Prashant Mathias) Reflections Download “Fall Of Reason – Reflections”

DOWNLOAD: Solar Deity – The Darkness Of Being EP

Band : Solar Deity Album: The Darkness Of Being Genre:Atmospheric Black Metal Track List:  Circling The Moon Towards The Horizon The Birth Of A Star Download “Solar Deity – The…

DOWNLOAD: Blind Image – More Than Human

Band : Blind Image Album: More Than Human Genre:Groove/Thrash Metal Track List:  More Than Human Allegiance In Defiance Glitch In The System Circle Of The Unique Axioms Of Synergy Epitaph…

DOWNLOAD: Threinody – Trimetallicthreinonide

Band : Threinody Album: Trimetallicthreinonide Genre:Thrash Metal Track List:  Cold Comfort Alone Again Existential Schism Download “Threinody – Trimetallicthreinonide”


DOWNLOAD: Ear Split – Contemporary Noise Pollution

Band : Ear Split Album: Contemporary Noise Pollution Genre:Thrash Metal Track List: Stay Metal The Ear Split Doped Drugged Dead Download “Ear Split – Contemporary Noise Pollution “

DOWNLOAD: Solar Deity – In The Name Of Satan

Band : Solar Deity Album: In The Name Of Satan Genre: Epic Raw Black Metal Track List: An Everlasting Fire In Those Purest Flesh And Blood Declaration Of Satanic Victory…

DOWNLOAD: Winter Gate – Disillumination

Band : Winter Gate Album: Disillumination Genre: Progressive Death Metal Track List: Beyond The Light (Instrumental) A Wreath of Mist Death’s Embrace Download “Winter Gate – Disillumination”

DOWNLOAD: Paradox – Beyond Reason

Band : Paradox Album: Beyond Reason Genre: Instrumental Metal Track List: Vertical Horizons The Mad Man’s Prophecy A Random Thought Redeemer Download “Paradox – Beyond Reason”

DOWNLOAD: Intervals – The Space Between

Band : Intervals Album: The Space Between Genre: Prog/Tech Metal Track List: Begin Still Winning Duality Sonar Inertia Download “Intervals – The Space Between”

DOWNLOAD: Blackheart – Anti Corruption

Band : Blackheart Album: Anti Corruption Genre: Deathcore Track List: A Silent Vive Death by Poison Do Not Panic Download “Blackheart – Anti Corruption”