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Interview with PUDDLE OF MUDD

The boys from Kansas City recently played in Hard Rock Café, Bangalore at Roktober Fest. We caught up with Wes Scantlin and he decided to Come Clean. Hope your guys are having a good…


Interview with MORGUE

Having formed less than three months ago MORGUE is congregating fans rapidly on their Facebook page. Conversing with a very relaxed and rather calm Prithiv their lead vocalist sitting at…



After reviewing their horror packed killer album, I feel the only shortcoming is that we were unable to meet for the interview, so sadly without any refreshments the internet helped…


Interview with ENMACHINED

Hailing from Bangladesh, ENMACHINED, is an old school thrash metal machine ready to decimate the masses at their first ever Indian gig at RITUAL ASCENSION II which will be held…


Interview with DARK DESOLATION

We spoke to the Bangalore based black metal band, DARK DESOLATION on their upcoming tribute compilation for one of the most extreme black metal bands MARDUK from Sweden


Interview with SLAYER

Slayer needs no introduction. One of the pioneering thrash metal band slaying for almost 3 decades are finally going to play in India at the RockInIndia fest this year. We…

eye-of-solitude-sui-caedere (800x800)

Interview with Eye Of Solitude

UK based doom/death metal band, Eye Of Solitude, recently released their sophomore full length ‘Sui Caedere’. We spoke with vocalist Daniel Neagoe about the album, UK’s doom scene and more.

Heathen Beast - The Drowning Of The Elephant God [2012]

Interview with Heathen Beast

Mumbai based Atheistic Black Metal band Heathen Beast‘s second EP ‘The Drowning Of The Elephant God‘ is finally released. Heathen Beast believes in no god and no religion. They write…


Interview with Kalodin

We caught up with Nepal’s symphonic black metallers, KALODIN, who recently released their sophomore effort, Sarv EP. We spoke with band’s founder/guitarist, Davin Shakya for an exclusive interview.

Solar Deity Band Picture

Interview with Solar Deity

Solar Deity, Epic Black Metal band, made it’s debut out of nowhere. We spoke with the band’s vocalist Aditya Mehta about his personal journey, transition from Death Metal to Black…


Interview with Blackheart

Chandigarh based deathcore/groovecore band, BLACKHEART, are a group of talented teenagers with members under 16 years. We talked with Aman, Abhishek, Gaurav, Arsh and Rahul about their journey so far,…


Interview with Dionysus

Dionysus is death/doom metal band from Lahore, Pakistan. We spoke with band’s guitarist, Sheraz Ahmed, about their upcoming album ‘Hymn To The Dying‘ and more.