Interview with ENMACHINED

Hailing from Bangladesh, ENMACHINED, is an old school thrash metal machine ready to decimate the masses at their first ever Indian gig at RITUAL ASCENSION II which will be held in Kolkata. We caught up with the band to talk about the gig and their demo ‘Thrash Assault

Greetings from MetalIndia. How are you guys doing?
Thanks for taking an interest on Enmachined. We are busy composing tracks to infect the whore mass. Soon the violence will spread and chaos will prevail!

Ritual Ascension II is your first international/Indian gig. How excited are you guys? What are you guys expecting?
Enmachined is ready to bring bone crushing madness and sheer brutality in the upcoming onslaught of bestial exhibition. We expect nothing less than utter madness and cranium splitting violence from our legion in Ritual Ascension Fest II. Crush with pure hate and leave none alive!

How did you guys come up with the name Enmachined?
We are really interested in science-fiction movies and novels, so the name of our sonic devastation just came up naturally.

Please tell us about your music and bands you worship.
We play thrash metal in the vein of our ancestors of good old 80’s! Enmachined has a lot of respect for the elder gods of heavy metal such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and from thrash metal; Enmachined will be honored to play with the mighty Slayer, Exodus and Overkill!

When is your demo ‘Thrash Assault’ due for release? Please give us some insight into the demo.
It has already been released in Sweden and thrashers there are killing the poser fags by mauling to its infectious rage! We will get hold of it in Bangladesh and spread the sickness in a few weeks. The demo was completed a long time back. The song “Thrash Assault” is a massive win for us.

How is the scene back at home? Please let us know of some good bands to checkout from Bangladesh
The metal scenario in Dhaka was dead but slowly it has been improving. International acts such as Manzer, Abigail have played in killer shows arranged by the local metal hordes. The fans have also taken a keen interest to the local metal militias, such as collecting demo tapes and buying official merchandises. This is a deadly sign for metal insurrection! .Recently there has been an insurgence of deadly militia in the likes of Abominable Carnivore, Warhound and many more. And who can forget the mighty Orator and Nafarmaan, the spearheads of bestial destruction from Bangladesh.

2013 has been year of Thrash revival. What do you think about the future of Thrash with new and young bands playing the newer genres/sub genres of metal?
Many newer sub genres of metal lack the purest atmosphere of metal and this is just our perception. Thrash metal is here to stay and eradicate every forms of pseudo-music no matter how some plebs try to manipulate the sound of thrash metal.

Thanks for taking time for this interview. Any message to your fans/followers?
Promote local metal bands because without them your scene will never flourish. And lastly to our hordes from India, bone crushing awaits!