Interview with PUDDLE OF MUDD

The boys from Kansas City recently played in Hard Rock Café, Bangalore at Roktober Fest. We caught up with Wes Scantlin and he decided to Come Clean.

Hope your guys are having a good time. A sneak peek review of your experience so far into the tour in India.
It was a delightful, amazing experience. It was really inspirational and touching to see how many fans we had in this country.

Your first album was out in 1997, looking back on it now; how has the journey been as a band and in your style of playing.
It’s been a brilliant journey. More like trial by error and a learning process. It’s a work in progress as a band. We sing about love, pain, hate and desire. I think we’re more understanding as a band now. We take emotion and we put emotion into our songs.

It’s been a while since your last album, will we get to hear you guys play any new songs? I’am sure fans will get Stoned and go Blurry.
The album will be out after Christmas 2015. Wiping the Slates Clean is the title. Its old school Puddle of Mudd with some heart felt and life saving musical and lyrical content that will hopefully impact other people’s lives.

Have you been able to attend any local gigs so far?
Unfortunately we’ve had no time to see other bands. Maybe we can on our next visit.

It’s Roktoberfest at Hard Rock Cafe (HRC), and the band’s performance coincides with this “Rock” fest. So, how does it feel that you are the first to perform at this fest?
I think this opportunity is amazing and it’s going to have a lot of legs for many many years, we are all really happy to be here and we appreciate Hard Rock Café for having us here.

As this is your first tour to India, and you are to perform at Hard Rock Cafe. So, how excited are you for this?
We’re really excited to be here and play at HRC, its one of our favorite brands and not everyone gets to perform at a HRC. We love this country and its very special for me and the rest of the band.

Thank you for the interview, best wishes with the gigs ahead. A few words to the rockers out there listening.
Thank you for supporting us and coming out in such great numbers. Our fans in India are beautiful, inspirational people who have been blessed by the almighty above. I have been blessed through you and I can’t believe I’m here.