BLIND IMAGE releases first single ‘Years In Anger’ from upcoming album


After a very hectic schedule touring, one of the most senior metal outfit from Madras, BLIND IMAGE has decided to break their silence with the first single from their upcoming third album, “Years in Anger”. The song is based on the concept behind the documentary – White van stories which has created waves across the world, in the recent past.

The album is currently being recorded at Dropline Studio Chennai and being engineered by Lakshman Chandrasekaran who also worked on the band’s second album – More Than Human which was released in 2009.  This is the first original single the band has released since 2009. Although, Last year the band released the song Juggernaut (originally composed by the band Joint Family from Delhi) as a tribute to Clarence, the bass player of the band Joint Family who passed away.

With regard to the time-gap between Single, Krishna said, “I know we took a long time for this but the band itself has gone through an evolution period since our last release in 2009. There have been lineup changes since 2009 as well. This is technically the first original with the front man Noble Luke who joined the band in 2009. And the first original to be released with the Siva on bass.  So we had to wait till we felt right about the sound we were going after. And it’s here NOW. In a matter of 2 months, we will also be releasing our 3rd album which we haven’t titled yet.”

On the same note, he added, “We are really keen on putting out the new record. It’s going to be angry, aggressive, groovy, fast – a GOOD METAL RECORD!”

About the somewhat controversial nature of the song, Noble Luke said, “Truth is no truth unless told. I had no clue about what was going on, until I was shown video accounts and interviews of people whose family members had simply disappeared never to be seen or heard from again from Leena Manimekalai’s White Van Stories. It’s impossible to stay unaffected, quiet or even subtle, after being exposed to something like this. I hope this song will be a start to a massive artist movement in protest against this inhumanity. This is not about politics, governments or countries, it’s about humanity! No authority should ever feel safe with what they do with their power!”

Krishna further added, “I was aware of this since its happening in our neighboring country but like everyone else, I knew only what was there on the tip of the grass.  We were ready with the song and finished recording all the instruments actually.  Just before the vocals, my good old friend Christy Bharat who is in charge of the communication with respect to White Van Stories, approached me and asked if we could do a song for them. My only concern was, not too many people usually approach a metal band to write a song for their documentary on oppression. It’s usually either Robbie Williams or one of the MELO KINGS doing the job. But Christy, a metal head himself knew what the team was looking for – Anger!

Listen to the song -