Download IRMP3 ‘Indiean Vol II’ compilation

Indiean Vol II

On completion of three years of promoting indie music in India, our friends at IRMP3, have release the second volume of compilation called ‘Indiean Vol II‘ featuring some of the best bands from the past year. The compilation is available for free download at this location.

Track listing:

  1. As Soon As Its Over – Barefaced Liar
  2. Jihad – Motherjane
  3. Polymorphic Infection – Amogh Symphony
  4. Visionary – Goddess Gagged
  5. Need For Sleep – Noiseware
  6. De Engineer – Eccentric Pendulum
  7. Dear Name – Bhayanak Maut
  8. All That Is – Exhumation
  9. Xenophobe – Undying Inc

Download ‘Indiean Vol II’