Fractalline’s ‘Infinite Entropy’ now available

L.A. based thrash/death band, Fractalline, has released their debut EP ‘Infinite Entropy‘ as digital download and physical copies on their Bandcamp page. Fractalline featuring members of tech death band, Myndsnare, consists of K.P. Krishnamoorthy, Jordan, Ray Higuera, Sandesh ‘Sandy’ Nagaraj.

Tracklisting of ‘Infinite Entropy‘ :

  1. Alternate Prey
  2. The Circle (free download)
  3. Over The Gap
  4. Cloud Of Static
  5. Suppressing Reality / Infinite Entropy

You can either order the physical CD + digital download for $5 or order just the digital download for $3

Find Fractalline on Facebook, Myspace and Reverbnation