Lahore based Dionysus released a track ‘Angels of Heaving Light’ from their upcoming EP.

Dionysus is a Lahore based four-piece Death Doom band having influences from Black Metal/ Dark/ Neo-classical folk and Post rock. The band has released one more track from their upcoming EP. The track is titled ‘Angels of Heaving Light’. They have already released one more track previously from their upcoming EP titled ‘Hymn To The Dying‘ scheduled to release through Wartorn Records soon.

Line up of the band:
Waleed Ahmed – Vocals/ Guitar/ Bass
Sheraz Ahmed – Guitar/ Drums
Umair Ahmed – Guitars
Rauhan Lasharie – Flute/ Synth/ Violin

“This song is totally different from what we’ve done before. The song is written mostly by Waleed Ahmed. Lyrics are from a poem called “Destiny” by Sultan Akbar Khan. This song can be called meloncholic neofolk. It’s gonna be one of the softer tracks on the EP.”, commented Sheraz Ahmed, guitarist of Dionysus.

You can listen to the track Angels of Heaving Light here.