New Delhi based Dementia released single ‘aM I?’

Dementia‘ is a five-piece metal band from New Delhi. Their music is a mix of Progressive, Groove, Experimental & Melodic metal. The band is very much influenced from Dream Theatre, Opeth, Amogh Symphony, Tool, Avial, Textures, Lamb of God, Children of Bodom etc.

Current line-up of the band is:
Saurabh – Lead vocals
Ramanan – Guitars/ Vocals
Rangarajan – Bass/ Vocals
Raghav – Keyboards
Reet – Drums

The band has released their single titled ‘aM I?‘. It is about Multiple Personality Disorder, and describing few personalities in a person existing in him without him being getting noticed. You can listen to their latest single on their SoundCloud page.

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