Tripura based Black Metal band Swraijak released single ‘Blessing of the Fallen Angel’

Tripura based Black Metal band Swraijak have released their latest single ‘Blessing of the Fallen Angel‘ and they are streaming it over their SoundCloud Page. The single was recorded at ‘Redline Studio‘.

Swraijak was formed during the end of 2008. Hailing from Tripura (Agartala). They mainly kept the name in their local language to keep the band mentality closer to the Tripuri roots and culture. ‘Swraijak’ means ‘Curse’ in the local language. The band is mostly into Black Metal which can be found in their music, where you can find the Black Metal with a touch of Death sound and creating a music of its own kind.

Band members:
Pritam DebBarma – Vocals
Amar Rupini – Lead Guitar
Tushar DebBarma – Rhythm Guitar
Biraj DebBarma – Bass
Bapi DebBarma – Drums

Bass player Biraj DebBarma told us, “This New single shows us the Devil that each of us in this Earth holds inside. No one is pure and holy. In some way, Devil is keeping us alive, which is very much true if we see around us. Its the age of injustice, envy, and the wrong. But people are coping up with this to stay alive. So we should consider that as a Blessing. This is what this song tries to say.”