Kreator – Cause Of Conflict

Tormentor formed in 1983 in Essen, Germany, and changed their name to Kreator with the release of their full length debut Endless Pain. This is the seventh album from the…

Venom – Black Metal

The roots of modern extreme metal can be decisively traced back to the early 80’s, with the advent of bands like Venom, Mercyful Fate, Bathory; and a little later Slayer,…

In Flames – Clayman

Clayman, the lastest offering by the Swedish melodic Death Metal band ‘IN FLAMES’, is yet another master piece by the band which is a followup to the immensely successful ‘Colony’….

Metal Church – Masterpeace

Metal Church released their debut in 1984, in the wake of the interest generated by the Bay Area thrash bands. Metal Church’s music has more in common with power metal,…

Garden Of Shadows – Oracle Moon

Earache’s Epic Deathster’s Garden of Shadows’s debut album after their cult following demo called ‘Heart of the Corona’, is yet another masterpiece which this band has been able to produce….