REVIEW: Bevar Sea – Invoke The Bizzare

an eerie silence spawned on that nippy September night, I stopped my bike and noticed there was something creepy and strange about the meteorological conditions, the streetlights were either flickering or dead and there was lightning without thunder. I recollect thunder striking a few yards from where I stood and the ghoulish clamor which was creeping up behind me and the sudden electric surge passing through my body. I was struck by thunder and it erroneously invoked the bizarre…

…panic-stricken I recall running frantically for my life as the deafening and colossal drumming grew louder behind me, it followed by some rather intimidating yet cadence riffs which loped in faster than ever. That’s when I ran into the Wizard, in a numinous voice he unleashed a series of cosmic and philosophical spells and branded me Bearded and Bizarre. I journeyed through a passage of dead stars, blackholes and lunar phases and landed into a queer and beastly era of obscurity, where malevolents whispered of an unholy place, they made sacrifices, danced to a vice trance as they Buried me in NOLA. My petrified mind drifted into a cryogenic Sleeping Pool, to a rescindable time, a prolonged state of objectivity drawn into a riffy parallel universe. The sound of pages being turned hurriedly woke me, I found myself starting straight into the Wizards face, he was carrying a quire. Pryingly I wondered about my premonitions of Where There’s Smoke (There’s a Pyre). I called upon the Heathen Lord and read a prayer asking to be made free from this nightmarish repression of oblivion and melancholy dream. A bright shining light appeared out of nowhere and the next thing I recall was gazing into the twilight sky and witnessing The Grand Alignment.

From the opening note until the last beat, this album bestows a forty four minute ride into an analogous universe; experience a starker and unpitying sound of drums which are dunked into slower and faster paced riffs, which are topped with some unkempt vocals which will descend your mind into a murkier and enchanted galaxy.

When you get your hands on the album prepare yourself to; give in and visit an outlandish planetary ecosystem with this meditative cosmos of BevarSea’s latest creation.

Invoke the Bizarre … because a parallel and orderly ecosystem is typical and unexciting.