REVIEW: JUDAS PRIEST – Redeemer Of Souls

So the Gods have gone and done it again uh! And you are here to see what we think about it? Well its Judas Priest for crying out loud, that must be good enough and it’s a great album.  No!? well then read on.

There is thunder and lightning from the drums, the crashing of riffs warms the spell and the wizard spews his spell with his enthralling vocals and unleashes Dragonaut.

I’m sure as hell that most of us metalheads have heard this song over and over, ever since Priest announced it. So all that I can but say about Redeemer of Souls is there’s no holding them back because they are back with a vengeance. ‘cause all that we can do is watch them seize our souls.

We all know that there are a handful of Metal vocalists who can create a phantasm and have us hypnotized with their high pitch vocals. Play this third song and you will feel your soul preparing to leave your body, all ready to depart to where it belongs – Halls of Valhalla. So before you play, hide your soul safe.

There is something about the guitar riffs and drum beats of Heavy Metal which takes you away into a transcendent journey, but not all can. Sword of Damocles is like gulping down a barrel of aged ale which releases an old and ancient myth free, like the Camelot. (A favorite of this album – ‘cause I felt the perilous Demon ‘Judas’ along with the ‘Priest’ most alive).

A detested song on my list is March of the Damned because something about this song feels out of place and I’d say listen it for yourself and decide.

The unshaken, surmounting yet steady riff upon riff with plethoric drums will take us Down in Flames. Then like a gluey past of a lost soul roaming the earth you will witness the eerie feeling about being to Hell & Back. Somehow the album seems to have abridged its cadence, because it’s rather a very icy wind which is blowing which makes our body Cold Blooded.

As if spoken to soon Metalizer cracks open with some high pitched vocals awakening the metal demon. (Somewhere in my mind there is an argument about Metalizer being inspired by Hell Rider – What do you think?)

There is something about Crossfire, no it’s not the underlying tone, it more or less lacks ingredients but then there is a transcending atmosphere of a serene attitude which sets it apart.

The first 25seconds of the opening impeccably articulates; dusk, an unnatural feeling which looms in the ether, of this leisurely and wandering song. And if one listens rather wisely, they may learn the Secrets of the Dead.

A revitalizing Priest opening followed by the mythical vocals dipped in some brilliant riffs and drumming; spins a stimulating tale of valour, sacrifice, chivalry and destiny – Battle Cry

The last time I fell in love a slothful-energetic paced Priest song was ‘Diamonds and Rust’. The vocals reeks woe and demise. The lethargic speed at which Rob sings is the highpoint, so take your seat and prepare for a very passionate voyage whose Beginning is of the End.

New or Old, I’d say this to all the Priest fans – The Redeemer has something for all. So get your steel and leather gear because; when the power chords come crashing down, it gonna tear through your senses because it’s only for the strong, not for the weak.