There is serenity orbiting which makes you feel sanctified and then Lunar Blessing opens its wings and blasts-off taking you on a celestial ride. As you begin to descend you will be welcomed on a drive with some tuneful drumming, only to be woken up by an icy voice which initiates the reason of why you are Seeking The Divine.

A lament chatter of vocals breaks Spellbound and weighing up the distress off the lyrics is the bass drums & guitars and then Tales From The Tide like a series of high and low waves crashing onto rocks of riffs, leisurely drums flow onto a soothing vocals of a calm river.

Creating a rather somber atmosphere Ascension spews out the words; “If all on Olympus deny me my vengeance, Then all on Olympus will die” and with this the album takes a plunge into a raging storm…

Sour growling vocals brings about the intensity, anger and rage, the bass riffs blends in like blood on the battlefield and with the drums creating a concoction it unleashes the wrath which was the cause for the Fall of Olympus.

…somewhere in the Hindu scripture it’s been written that if Lord Shiva opens his Third Eye then it will bring destruction & turmoil. And Midhaven have opened their The Third Eye with this song; an uncanny yet tranquil opening followed by unhurried vocals like a prayer with the steady and strident drumming all through the song is like witnessing a Brahmastra, high-speed riffs flying in all directions like arrows. With all the right ingredients this is by far my favorite song of this album. But that’s not all, lookout for the deep and intense guitar solo which is dished & united with some fanatical, earth-shattering drumming along with the bass drum i.e. from 2.46 until 3:27 this song is a incredible depiction of the Cosmic Dancer.

Soothing are the guitars and drums, while the vocals hits a elevated pitch asking you not to allow yourself to Whitewash the walls of your life. This is a very uplifting song with a powerfully built message. [Funny having heard this song some 10 to 15 times and the vocals feels Elvish ;)].

The song spews potent emotions from the vocals, the drums takes a thrashing to pacify your quench and both the lead and bass guitar riffs journey into a thickened path, only to lead you to Death Row.

An enthralling thirty minute voyage, a musical roller-coaster which you have never tried before; a heavenly start, with few diverse sounding vocals, some transfixing riffs and high-ranking drumming only to be topped with some impregnable lyrics throughout the album.

I’d say don’t you dare judge these Progressive Sludge Metal Mumbaikars after one or two listens, for you have to give in, in order to be mesmerized and arrive at Midhaven.