‘The Beginning’ opens with the sounds of a platoon marching, lend a ear closer and  cries, clanks and death is what you get.

‘Gates of War’ a dazzling phantasm; this song opens at an altar of evil with loathing heaviness. My suggestion is close your eyes, gulp your drink, crank the volume, switch off the lights & follow the fucking evil tunes & vocals of this song.

‘Wrath’ The first 27′ seconds create the ultimate eerie sounding bass mixed with thunder only to be followed up with a real sour sounding vocals from hell. My wish for the song to have been sluggish until the end, because the ambience they created in the first 27 seconds is so baleful that I would only be misguiding you. So just listen to this song until its end with the volume cranked louder than hell.

‘Conquering Thy Enemies Throne’ 2 minutes into the song and I did not think of it until the riffs & drumming start to kick in some serious looming shit at 2:09 minutes onwards. With my eyes closed & the volume at its max the vocals are unmistakably of an evil soul which messes with your mind. The drums sound so badass that the vocals reek of innocent blood from its mouth.

The opening takes me into the elderly realms of Mordor and the vocals creates a apparition of the wrath of Lord Sauron. Fast paced guitars, guts spilling vocals and drums from the pits of hell makes ‘Panzer Division Marduk the high-speed track of this album.