Interview with MORGUE

Having formed less than three months ago MORGUE is congregating fans rapidly on their Facebook page. Conversing with a very relaxed and rather calm Prithiv their lead vocalist sitting at Indranagar’s McDonald’s he reveals the story of their band and a glimpse of what lies ahead.

Don’t elapse by its literal meaning nor by their fearsome logo, no Morgue does not store human corpses, they are but a collection of tenured Indian Metal musicians and friends from different parts of India and abroad i.e. Mumbai, UK, Coimbatore and Bangalore, all gathered in Bangalore who play old school Death Metal.

The band consists of Prithiv Chandar– their Vocalist from Coimbatore, Nikhil Suresh on Rhythm Guitars – is from India but has been travelling a lot, Ameya Padhye leading their Guitars joins them from Nagpur, Jehosh Gershom with Bass – Bangalore and finally Harshith Reddy their sexy Drummer also from Bangalore.

Prithiv recalls the rather first meeting with Nikhil and asking him ”It’s hard to find metal here in Bangalore how do you survive man?” he then laughs and replies; I know that was a silly thing to ask and starting laughing again. Talking about their genre of music he quickly replies; the music and its lyrics of Death Metal are very brutal and it’s the truth given straight in your face.

We asked him if being new to Bangalore they find it intimidating to be able to spread the word out? he replies; no man I don’t think we will have to worry about it, we in the Indian Metal scene have empowered ourselves with Social Media and is used by a majority of bands in India to help spread the word. Let it be about band, their music or the gigs. There are many people who are getting into Death Metal, we are putting it loads of effort and we’ll let our music speak for us and we think Bangalore will be a great place to be living in and to kick-start as a band.

We inquired him about their strategy for their music and about the band going Live and recording songs. And if the band will be playing at Rush. He replies with a smirk, the show is a rock event hence are not playing. For us its currently only jam sessions, jam sessions and more jam sessions. We want to ensure that we are real tight and then plan to attack on playing Live and then move to recording songs.

From that he has told us we gather that by March 2014 give or take few weeks Morgue will be all geared up for to take over Bangalore’s Metal underground with their music. MetalIndia wishes them all the very best for their future endeavors.