CHAOSKAMPF part ways with vocalist, seeks replacement


Pune based progressive metal band, CHAOSKAMPF, have part ways with their vocalist, Shreyas Khandekar.The band recently released their debut EP ‘Rise and Construct‘ last month.

The band announced the departure on their Facebook page with following note “We regret to inform you guys that our vocalist Mr. Shreyas Khandekar will not be continuing with the band due to certain personal reasons.We are sure that he is a really talented individual and would scale new heights in his life.We are honestly not happy since some things did not work out and wish nothing but the best for him. Well wish us luck in the tough times.”

Shreyas had the following to say “After thinking a lot, I have taken a decision to part ways from my current band Chaoskampf since I am not able to work with the band due to musical and personal differences. I do not expect anything and I do not find happiness while I play with the band. I think an artist should be satisfied and should find happiness with what he does. I have had a good time playing with the band but I need my musical freedom which I have not found with the band, I also didn’t gel up well with the band after trying a few times.Since the band never had any personal relation as such and we were never so close to each other except Onkar Tarkase. He has always been a brother to me and will be. But everyone has a way to work on things and we do not gel up together on professional terms. I would like to inform all my friends and fans that I will be back with my new project soon. I wish the band a great future and success ahead.”

The band is currently seeking new vocalist and those interested are encouraged to contact the band on their Facebook page.