Chennai based Symphonic Black Metal band, DIABOLUS ARCANIUM, have announced their debut album ‘Spellbound‘ for release via India’s extreme metal label TRANSCENDING OBSCURITY. Started as a power metal band ‘Fortified Destruction‘, the band broke up and re-united with new members to form a symphonic black metal band. The band released their demo album titled “Spellbound” Via an American label called “Haught Records” early this year which came out with good reviews and press statements. Soon after the band worked on their debut album with better production quality under their producer/manager JB Winderberg. This time instead of regular keyboards and the synth the band decided to use real orchestra. The band’s lyrical theme is based on Anti-Christian thoughts and the left hand path on this album.

The release dates are not yet decided. Below are the track listing in order.

  1. Inno Arcanium
  2. Spiritual Entropy
  3. Frozen Dreams
  4. Spellbound
  5. Ascension
  6. Herald Of Darkness
  7. Christ Eradication
  8. In Death’s Embrace
  9. Bloodlines
  10. Kingdom Of Sin
  11. Of Fire And Ashes

The band released their first single from the upcoming album on their SoundCloud page: