Mood Indigo Livewire Registrations Open

It’s that time of the year again… IIT Mumbai’s Mood Indigo‘s battle-of-the-bands music competition, ‘LIVEWIRE‘, is back and open for registrations. As aptly described on Mood I’s website :

The pilgrimage of the gods of rock and demons alike, Livewire – the biggest rock competition of India has been the birthplace of bands like Parikrama, Zero, Vayu, Pentagram etc.  So all you metalheads, stoners, potheads and hippies alike are bound to go into a frenzy seeing the stage turn into a battleground with the blood thirsty rockers in their quest to be a part of the legacy that is Livewire.

Visit the Mood I website for more details or get in touch with Vaishnav Gupta       | +91-9619436493 | or Yogesh Kumbhejkar | +91-9860663515 |

The competition is nationwide with the following dates :

a) North Zone, Delhi          : 30th October, Café Oz
b) South Zone, Bangalore  : 31st October, Opus in the Creek
c) East Zone, Gangtok       : 30th November, Café Live and Loud
d) West Zone, Mumbai      : 6th December, Blue Frog

And the final will be held on December 20th in Mumbai on Main stage, Open Air Theater, IIT Bombay