Orphaned Land to perform at IIT Guwahati’s Alcheringa 2012

Israeli progressive doom/death band, Orphaned Land, is one of the most successful bands to emerge from Middle East. The band is going to perform in India for the second time, this time at IIT Guwahati‘s annual cultural fest ‘Alcheringa 2012‘. The performance is scheduled to take place on the 5th of February and is one of Alcheringa’s 4 Pro-Nites. This Rock Nite, called Juggernaut, has seen many heavyweights like Eluveitie and Motherjane perform in the past and only promises to get better this time around.

Orphaned Land, quoted to be one of the best metal bands in the world by many acclaimed musicians, is distinctive for its infusion of progressive, doom and death metal with tinges of influences of the Middle – Eastern culture. Since their inception in 1991, Orphaned Land has released many EPs and albums that have made their mark on the Rock Metal scene.

Alcheringa also organised an online interactive facebook chat with Orphaned Land for the many fans OL has in India. Kobi Farhi, Orphaned Land’s leading chants, growls, narrations, choir & backing vocal, took out some precious time to answer the barrage of queries that all his fans had.

For more details visit the Alcheringa 2012 website