Russian Gothic Metal band ‘Rosa Infra’ released album ‘Change of Scenery’

Rosa Infra is a Darkwave/Gothic Metal band from Russia. The band members are Nikolay Karpushin on vocals and bass, Evgeniy Belyaev on guitars, Vsevolod Akimov on drums and Zinaida Azarova on keyboards.

About the history of the band, vocalist Nikolay Karpushin comments, “At the beginning it was only an idea. It was in 2006. I had played the bass-guitar in some metal bands before the start of Rosa, but the music of those bands did not interest me. I wanted to have my own creative work, and I wanted to say my word in the music world. It was interesting for me to start as a vocalist. I have an education as composer and arranger which was very helpful for this purpose. We opened a concert in Moscow for TO DIE FOR, and quite after that for PARADISE LOST. Recently made a presentation of the album ‘Change of Scenery’. We are currently preparing a new conceptual concert.”

The band has recently released its full length album titled ‘Change of Scenery‘.

Tracklisting‘ of the album:
1. Lozh vo spaseniye (Lie For Salvation)
2. Proschenniy (Forgiven)
3. Nadezhda na utro (Hope For A Morning)
4. Edinstvo v grehe (Unity In The Sin)
5. Snova odin (Alone Again)
6. Sonata di dolorum
7. Snezhniy angel (Snow Angel)
8. Pis’ma niokuda (Letters From Nowhere)
9. Rassvet (Sunrise)
10. Kril’ya (The Wings)
11. Smena dekoratciy (Change of scenery)

Licenced CDs of Rosa Infra are available HERE and HERE

According to Nikolay Karpushin (vocalist), “The concept is based largely on the experiences of my life over the past 5 years. Many people have experienced problems, resentment, betrayal, and other unpleasant things transformed into a feeling of hatred. Gradually, it burns inside people. I chose another path -the path of creation, the way of creativity. And I express my experience in this. But Karma will put everything in its place.”