REVIEW: Dischordia – Creator, Destroyer

DISCHORDIA is an American Progressive Death Metal band hailing from Oklahoma. I recently gotta chance to listen to their Debut E.P Creator, Destroyer which to some extent defines the sound they are looking for. Right from the very first second till the end, it’s absolutely ‘in your face’ no nonsense death metal sound with hell lot of variations. I was surprised to see them hailing from Oklahoma since most of the death metal bands reside in New York or Florida. They are heavily influenced by Decapitated, Meshuggah, and The Dillinger Escape Plan.

Well the interesting thing about the first title track Creator, Destroyer is the quote from Classic Jurassic Park: “The point is, you’re alive when they start to eat you.” It sets the tone for the entire E.P. The first and the most important thing which will hit you immediately is the production which is undeniably top notch. The title track is a straightforward assault with tinge of gore influenced metal which clearly reminds me of death metal band “Annotations of an Autopsy“. As the song grows, it has that touch of death metal master’s, Skinless.

Rest of the tracks offer the typical progressive death metal sound with twist of Djent, Technical and Death core to some extent. Lyrically, the songs are impressive and with wide range of growls and variations, they are delivered efficiently. Vocals by Josh Turner are impressive along with guitarist nailing some intense fret burning riffs easily. Although I felt he is struggling to deliver the technical metal riffs which are not up to the mark. Drummer plays with ease and executes double patterns and groovy fills very efficiently adding to the impressive sound. Another factor which disappointed me is the bass which is drowned out at moments. Radioactive Iodine 21 is the best track from the record where lots of progressive elements are thrown every now and then. It’s a roller coaster ride.

I went through the press kit and I found them claiming “The band’s music-first ethos has been forged through years of stylistic refinement and questing for a sound to call their own“. The only problem with the statement is the creativity which lacked throughout the album except few segments in Radioactive Iodine 121. They seem to borrow elements from most of the death metal bands. Apart from this, the impressive elements present in their sound are the infectious grooves and old school fire with twist of progressive metrics which are expressed intelligently. They are a band to look forward to and the way they present themselves on stage is phenomenal.

With beautifully brutal composition, Creator, Destroyer unfolds a different journey. With lot of flaws mentioned above, this E.P surely takes time to develop and in return gives you that feeling which clearly describes this record as heavy, technical and brutal but not epic. I am indeed excited to see what they do next.

RATING: 7.3/10