After reviewing their horror packed killer album, I feel the only shortcoming is that we were unable to meet for the interview, so sadly without any refreshments the internet helped us exchange a few words. Post reading the answers I felt the interview took place at a local Bangalore Pub over some beers and shots ?. So read on what the spell casting Doom witches had to say;

How did the band’s name come about, is there a story behind it?
I wanted something that would refer to our music’s roots in horror and dark fantasy themes, but I wanted a wordplay too. Miskatonic is a Lovecraftian reference and the Djinn fit right into things spooky and fantastic. Add some gin and tonic, maybe a twist of lime, and you’re done.

How long did the album Forever In the Realm take to make from start to finish, recording-wise?
Not a lot. About a month and a half calendar time, but our recording sessions didn’t take more than 25-30 hours and the rest of it was our producer, Premik, working his magic and sending us successive versions of the mix.

Are you pleased with the final outcome of the album?
Dear sweet Nyarlathotep and all ye little Shoggoths, yes we are! It’s a great sounding album and the only drawbacks are the silly riffs!

You have been touring whilst promoting your debut album, what have the fans to say? Share your experiences of their reactions at the gig’s about the album?
We’re a bit of a divisive element. I notice that a lot of the moshers back off and hang around the bar when we start playing, but there’s always a set of people who stay back and way about and even headbang a bit and really get into the groove. I see a lot of eyes shut tight and ‘O’ faces, so I guess we’re getting through. Doom is not for everyone, and I appreciate every fan we get, and I know we’ll never have the broad appeal of a more uptempo metal band.

‘Voice from the Tomb’ made my hair stand, I was listening to the album while travelling and when the playlist reached this song I thought I could hear dead people :D. What inspired this song and what is about?
That’s basically me reading a passage from the story ‘The Tomb’ by HP Lovecraft and then Premik uttered an incantation and sent me into an infernal realm of pure sonic evil! The words talk about how despite the attempt of rationalists to make reality same safe, there are things that lie beyond their obvious empiricism.

How do you see ‘Time’ to affect the band’s overall Doom theme, for coming up with music?
We waste a lot of time playing riffs over and over again? Seriously, I think the monumental lengths help build an atmosphere, a sort of trance like state. For me doom is about letting a leisured but intense cadence take you over, send you to a world of its own.

How would you describe Djinn and Miskatonic’s approach to Doom Metal?
We’re rooted in traditional doom: Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Trouble, Pentagram, St. Vitus, Cathedral and Reverend Bizarre. Add some NWOBHM, epic metal and a willingness to kick into death/black speeds when needed. There are also places where we let the grimy sludge influences ooze through. Oh well, it’s all basically a way to sing the blues.

Anything you like to say, share or a message to the metalheads out there.
Forget about cliques and movements. Who cares if you’re old school, new school or a school drop out? It’s about the music and the way it makes you feel, that’s all. Also: download like a madman, but when you have the money to spare, buy original records and merch. Please? Thank You for your time.