DJINN & MISKATONIC with this debut album have established their kismet; that their music and lyrics are written and created from the abyss of darkness where evil itself fears to stopover.

Mystical twilight, dark and demonic is the mood that 7 Year Witch creates. Gautham’s menacing vocals constructs a phantasm of supreme evil in your mind, with Sriram & Jayaprakash’s murky riffs unify to tingle your dark side while the roaring and measured drumming by Siddharth is simply incomparable. The concoction that 7 Year Witch spews will occupy your psyche and if you listen very closely you just might get hypnotised with a spell being casted on yourself.

The crusty opening riff is quickly followed by prevailing drumming which will hold your attention, until Gautham’s hymn like vocals starts to slice open the Book Of The Fallen. The song will make you feel as if you are trying to recall a sermon you had once heard; of how our fate has already been written, while walking through a graveyard on a full moon night with your heart in your mouth.

Like the starting lines of the song; ‘had too much to drink on a Saturday night..’; Vulcan’s Forge floats in a hysterical haze. There is a weird, sluggish and yet appealing tune that makes you feel elevated. Listen to this song on headphones with the volume cranked up and your eyes closed and let the music and Gautham’s voice lead you and your imagination; you will be guided into the ruins of a fog which you’d love to return and the best part is you don’t need to be intoxicated at all.

When I first heard this album I was travelling and had fallen asleep with the repeat option selected. I recall waking up abruptly and was convinced for few seconds that I was either dead or could hear someone inhuman talking – Voice From The Tomb.

A eerie melody that prolongs for six minutes before the book of Weird Tales is unlocked yet again by Gautham. The song sounding ever gloomy will carry you into a bloodcurdling place of ghouls, magic, spells and a land of horror. It unleashes a spellbinding mix of terrifying images, spine-tingling music with sundry vocals which will make you want to visit the realm of weird tales again and again.

Once you have heard this album you will pray to the Lord of the Dawn, for shelter from the Darkness which overspreads mischief from the envious feelings which reeks from this album, because the songs are conjured from secret practises of the dark arts.

In case you missed these guys Live, then I personally urge you to either beg, borrow, buy or steal a pair Beats Studio headset, then crank the volume to maximum, switch off the lights, close your eyes and listen to this album, let the music give life to your demons and take you to a mystifying and sinister place.

…and on the last day the demon seraph proclaimed; ”let these offspring’s of Doom spread their music across the earth, so it has been sung and so it shall be heard”.